Parenting 20-Something Kids … Still?

Aren’t we through with our parenting duties by the time our kids are 20-somethings?

The reality is, we are still mom and dad however the modification is in the method we do our tasks. What we utilized to do as moms and dads of teen-agers no longer works in the shift years of becoming young adults.

Our communication, the method we relate and speak, the methods we show love, even just how much we give need to be changed.

No longer can we provide unsolicited guidance and anticipate a positive action. All those things might need to be done, but blatantly providing advice and advising are no longer effective. Or, “I believe your idea to buy a new suit is a good one.

A key question to ask ourselves is: “Will these words or this action promote a healthier relationship with my adult child?

Throughout the teenagers, we helped our kids a lot. To guide them towards higher independence now, we can begin doing less and let them do more. Part of ending up being a responsible citizen is learning to accept individual commitments and to respect others. How do we do this? By saying no more frequently.

Some parents acknowledge stating “no” to their kids is difficult. How do you all of a sudden start stating, “No, you can’t borrow the boat or the recreational vehicle” or “no, I can not baby-sit again this weekend?”.

If we are respectful, while truthful and gentle, our children will understand quicker. “We’re preparing to keep the RV as our retirement trip and we are restricting its usage so that it isn’t worn in 3 years.” Or, “I’m sorry I can’t sit. We made strategies to have buddies go to for the weekend.”
So yes, we are still active in our parenting role as our kids become grownups. It’s our shift too, and if we do our task well, we can enjoy the shared complete satisfaction of a friendship with our kid for the rest of our lives.

Aren’t we through with our parenting tasks by the time our kids are 20-somethings? The fact is, we are still mom and dad however the change is in the way we do our tasks. During the teenagers, we assisted our kids a lot. Some moms and dads acknowledge saying “no” to their kids is difficult.


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